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G-42 Disclosures


Municipal Finance Services is organized into four different divisions to address our clients needs as shown below.

Business Development

This division’s major responsibility is to initiate contacts with existing and potential clients in an effort to assess business opportunities designed to assist communities with planning and debt financing needs. Special attention is provided to current clients to constantly evaluate refinancing and restructuring of existing indebtedness to achieve economical results. In addition, contact with the major rating agencies is a primary task of this group.

Financial Analysis

This division is charged with preparing analyses of financial options available to clients to fund capital improvements, including a thorough assessment of current and potential revenue sources. Output generated by this group usually contains computer-generated tables and graphs in a format designed to be easily understood by governing boards and staffs.


The Research Division places its emphasis on keeping up-to-date on proven financing techniques on both a state and national level. Since public finance is a dynamic area driven by changing markets, it is necessary to stay on top of new and innovative techniques available to communities to meet capital funding objectives. This division also follows state and local legislative actions related to municipal finance and maintains a comprehensive data base on Oklahoma General Obligation and Revenue Bond offerings.


This division of the firm bears responsibility for maintaining effective communication with clients and sustaining a high quality of work product. This division also involves coordinating project schedules to ensure time tables are adhered to by the firm’s staff.

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