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Independent. Client Focused. Experienced.


MFSOK is independent and not involved in the underwriting of municipal bonds allowing the firm freedom to consider ALL POSSIBLE OPTIONS for each client.

The goal of a Municipal Advisor should always be to sit on the issuer’s side of the table and be an advocate for implementing the most cost-effective financing plan.  Providing helpful information and resources to a governing body in the decision-making process is always our aim.  This mindset has led to our success and strong long-term relationships.

We’re On Your Side Of The Table

There are several players that could be involved in the development of a financial plan designed to uniquely accomplish the project goals of our clients. Click on a title below to learn more about a specific role.

Click on the dots for descriptions.

Municipal Advisor
Bond Counsel
Trustee (Paying Agent)
Bank/Financial Institution
Other Lenders

Distinctive Qualities

Independent and Privately-Owned Municipal Advisory Firm
Cost-Effective Funding Recommendations Based on a Thorough Analysis
Maintain Long-Term Client Relationships
No Underwriting of Municipal Bonds, Enabling the Firm to Consider All Viable Financial Options
Conservative Approach that Strives to Benefit Our Clients
Exclusively Oklahoma Clients

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